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My name is Jo and I am the creator of A Gut Instinct so that I was able to share my families healing journey with the world to show others there is a natural health way!

Explore through the pages I am sure there will be plenty that resonates with you and you will also get to see find the natural health tips that helped me thrive.

I would love to share with you how you too can lead an abundant life.

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Inspiring others

Jo Dissanayake inspires and helps others to live the life they’ve dreamed about.
The wife and mother of two is an advocate for natural health products. She is also a successful online entrepreneur and network marketer.
She has built her business ‘A Gut Instinct’ from the ground up, inspired by a desire to help others to find financial independence.
“I want to share my family’s healing journey with the world to show others there is another way,” says Jo, who is soon to add kinesiology to her list of qualifications.
This ‘other way’ is the healing power of doTERRA essential oils.

Health & Healing

Jo discovered doTERRA when her daughter, then six years old, was suffering from acute anxiety. Rather than turn to medication, Jo took the natural route and, in so doing, discovered the incredible healing properties of the more than 100 different doTERRA essential oils from more than 40 countries.
From coriander, cinnamon and clove, to the cardamom of Guatemala; from the wild orange of Brazil to the lemongrass of India and Madagascar’s ylang ylang…there is an essence for everything. Patchouli and peppermint, ginger and geranium – they smell, and sometimes also taste, as good as they sound.
You can cook with essential oils, clean with them, and use them to make personal hygiene products…but mostly the oils support your health, your emotional wellbeing and your moods, as well as assisting with all kinds of physical ailments.

Sharing her gifts

Jo now shares these amazing doTERRA essential oils that have brought natural healing remedies on all levels for her family and friends, whose lives have improved on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. She has also attracted financial abundance for her family.
You can start on your own journey by using doTERRA essential oils purely for you and your family…but it won’t be long before you start recommending them to friends as well!
I would love to hear from you if you are interested in learning more about doTERRA products for personal use, or if you are interested in financial independence that doTERRA provides.

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