Exciting New Essential Oils In Australia and New Zealand!

I have just returned from a 5 day trip to Sydney (well I tell a slight untruth I have been home 4 days but it has taken me this time to gather my thoughts and get pen onto paper to write this blog). 

It was my 4th Australian Convention and I have to say it was the best so far. In a room surrounded by 5000 other Essential Oil lovers the room was electric. 

It felt like home even though I have never lived in Sydney I could not walk outside my apartment door without bumping into friends and people I consider my family. It was just such a wonderful few days where I got to celebrate with my team members as well as learn so much more about the company I have chosen to align with. 

Here is a picture of me and my team celebrating the night after convention finished before we all headed home to all corners of Australia.

Now I hear you waiting with baited breathe! what were the newly released oils? Well here they are 

Turmeric - The Oil of Deeper Relationships 

  • Apply to the skin to calm irritations 
  • Add to food and drinks to gain the benefits of Turmeric 
  • Use to soothe tension between people, dispel power struggles and relieve feelings of being controlled 

Magnolia Touch - The Oil Of Reassurance 

  • Apply to the skin to soothe and promote a healthy complexion 
  • Roll over your heart to remind yourself you are loved 
  • Brings in the feminine energy 

Pink Pepper - The Oil of True Love 

  • Beneficial for the nervous and immune system 
  • Add to massage blend for warmth and relaxation during massage
  • Protects against heartache 

Green Mandarin - The Oil of the Playful Heart

  • Great for the digestive system 
  • Add a drop to Sparkling Water for a refreshing drink
  • Uplifting to the mood 
  • Apply topically - it is not photosensitive like other citrus oils 
  • Facilitates the Inner Child 

On Guard Mouthwash 

  • A Natural toxin free Mouthwash safe for all the family 
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums 

Yarrow/Pom - The Oil of Justice

  • Apply topically to soothe your skin
  • Nourishes the skin
  • A great addition to your skin care regime 
  • Protects your energy 
  • Inhale during meditation to balance the Yin/Yang energy
These oils will all be available from the 4th June 2019 with the exception of the On Guard Mouthwash and the Yarrow/Pom which are due to be available at the end of June. Rest assured I will provide you with the release dates as soon as they are issued to me. 

Not only did we learn all about these amazing new oils the true highlight for me was our Keynote Speaker Gill Hicks survivor of the London Bombing in 2005. Seeing the video come up on screen brought goosebumps to me seeing my home country the red double decker buses of London brought the whole event flooding back. 

Now Gill was the most inspirational courageous determined person I have ever been privileged to listen to speak. She has overcome some horrific injuries and now spends her time as a motivational speaker and a peace broker. 

You can see some of her recorded talks here I urge you to listen to her thought provoking speeches you will not look at life the same afterwards. 

It was also announced that the Australia New Zealand 2020 Convention is going to be held in Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre at Southbank on the 17 and 18th April. 

I invite you to join us for what is only going to be an even better event than those that went before. Now do not be fooled into thinking this is only for those who are selling the oils or running a business. The convention is aimed at customers so that you can get education on all new products launched to the market but also learn how doTERRA is giving back to communities around the world through their co impact sourcing model and healing hands foundation. 

You will also have inspirational speakers on stage 

So why not grab a friend and come to Melbourne for the weekend and come and have fun with 5000+ other oil lovers and I can guarantee you will feel your energy lift as the positive energy will engulf Melbourne as doTERRA arrives.

Tickets are not on sale yet but you can book accommodation and I recommend using and choosing one that has no prepayment and free cancellation just in case plans change. As soon as tickets are released I will be the first to let you know. 

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