What are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in plants. Have a read of What are Essential Oils to learn more
What does CPTG stand for?
CPTG stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. There is actually no regulation of the essential oil industry and so doTERRA coined the term. The essential oil industry has some very low grade, synthetic oils that are easily accessible and they seem from the bottle to be of the same standard as some of the higher quality therapeutic grade oils such as doTERRA. As there was no standard in place doTERRA felt the need to create one so they could regulate against it with their products and you can find out more here
Are doTERRA oils organics?
doTerra oils are beyond Organic! So what does that actually mean? Did you know organic certification is not what you may think! Were you aware that individual countries have different specifications as to what constitutes Organic? Basically that means that what Australia sees as organic may not be the same as what Haiti sees as the requirement to be classed as Organic. As doTERRA source their oils from all over the world this would prove to be a massive headache and most of the countries where the oils are sourced to be Organic does not come close to the standard required by doTERRA of CPTG (see above for more details) CPTG guarantees the oils are free from any residues such as pesticides, herbicides. extenders or solvents regardless of where the oil is sourced. This makes the oils far beyond pure and organic and you can read more about the companies commitment to producing the purest oils in the world here
How do I access the oils at wholesale price?
Follow the instructions below to access the oils at the wholesale price

Go to www.mydoterra.com/agutinstinct
Select 'Join & Save'
Select 'Local' Select 'Wellness Advocate'
Enter your details
Choose your kit (recommended for most homes and the one I started with is the Home Essentials kit plus a fractionated coconut oil)
Your kit should arrive within 4-10 business days

Send me through an email at jo@agutinstinct.com so I can connect and send you some more information to get your oil journey off to a kick start and I can assist you in any way required. For more information before you get going read here
What does LRP stand for?
LRP stands for Loyalty Rewards Order. When you place monthly orders you can earn yourself points to use on FREE products. Watch this video to learn more and this one to find out how to place your first LRP order on your account. 
Are the oils safe to ingest?
doTERRA imports the oils into Australia as food grade oils. That means they are safe and suitable to use internally. There are a few things to think about before you start to use them internally.

Not all doTERRA oils are suitable for ingestion. Check the bottle for information as to whether the oil is safe for internal use. It says on each and every bottle. There are many aromatherapists who are against internal use and can be quite vocal and this is ok as if the general information given to the public was that essential oils are safe for internal use we know not all oils are created equal and some are synthetic and certainly should not be taken internally. 
I never advise in my workshops for or against any application of essential oils what I do though is provide you with ways I have used the oils for my family and my experiences with them. I share the resources available so that you can make an informed decision as to whether internal use is for you as it is your personal choice. If you decide internal use is not for you rest assured you will get the same benefits whether you use the oils aromatically, topically or internally. You can read more here
Where do the oils come from?
Have a read of my Co-Impact Sourcing page to learn more about where these oils are sourced
Where can I book into a workshop to increase my knowledge?
You can find out the workshops on offer here
What is co-impact sourcing?
This was one of the main reasons I aligned with doTERRA to find out more please read here
What does PV stand for?
PV stands for 'Point Value'. Every product has a point value for example Lemon is $13.50 and 12.5PV. Once you have your own account, you can earn FREE products based on the monthly orders you place. Learn more about it in this video.
What are the benefits of joining Team A Gut Instinct?
A Gut Instinct Tribe is a vibrant community of like minded people all with a passion to learn about a low-tow lifestyle. 

There are many benefits to joining our tree of love and they are listed below:
A supportive online community where you can ask your questions in a safe environment. 
You will also benefit from any specials that are being run for our team, discounts and workshops.
You will have access to a members only online portal to answer any of your questions 24/7 
A FREE Wellness Consultation to ensure you have everything you need to get started on your essential oil journey 
Full mentoring and leaders support for anyone interested in starting a doTERRA business at any stage of their essential oil journey.
How do I get my oils for FREE?
See the LRP section above to learn how to earn your oils for FREE
How should I store my oils?
Store the essential oil in room-temperature conditions and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (leaving oils in the car during summer, on window sills etc.). Avoid exposing the oils to direct sunlight or other sources of UV rays. Prevent prolonged exposure to oxygen which can cause oxidation of the oil over time (forgetting to put the lid back onto the bottle!). Tightly secure the caps after each use (prevents the oils from evaporating and decreases exposure to oxygen
Do the oils have an expiry date?
According to doterra "shelf life testing performed on essential oils has shown that essential oils maintain their efficacy even after 5-10 years or more. Storing essential oils properly also plays a major role in ensuring that essential oils maintain their efficacy and beneficial properties over time" I would not be doing my job if you get your oils and leave them on a shelf, you need to be using them and that is my job to teach you how you can use these amazing gifts from nature to change yours and your families lives for the better!
How do I know what oils do what?
When you join A Gut Instinct you will be gifted the app Dropli which gives you an A-Z of the essential oils and their many uses. There are also recipes. I also recommend purchasing one of the many books available such as Essential Life, Modern Essentials or Emotions and Essential Oils
Can I burn my oils in my oil burner?
No, we recommend that you do not burn your essential oils as it destroys the therapeutic benefit. You will get the aroma but not the benefits. We recommend that you diffuse your essential oils in a diffuser where you get a cold steam come out and then you will get maximum benefits from breathing in the aroma.
Can I use oils in my car?
Yes you can use your oils in the car. I recommend Lively Livings Aromamove diffuser and the favourite blend for our family is peppermint and wild orange combined these two oils are great for ensuring you are awake and alert on long distance journeys
Can I stock the oils in my business?
Absolutely, Interested to learn more check out the Policy Manual which has more information.
How do I get started building a doTERRA business?
First of all have a read here and then schedule in a chat with me here
How do I access my account?
You just need to go to www.mydoterra.com and enter your ID number and your password. If you are unsure of your ID number reach out to the person who enrolled you and they will be able to help you