How to earn with doTERRA

Live - Share - Build

There are 3 options when it comes to opening a doTERRA account you can simply LIVE the doTERRA lifestyle using the oils freely within your home to assist you and your family to find natural heath solutions. This is actually what I wanted to do when I started with doTERRA! Look at me now 😉


85% of my customers are living with doTERRA, they use the oils freely to support their health and use them for cooking, cleaning, to assist with physical ailments, support their emotions and to replace toxic chemical laden products throughout their home!

Once your account is setup you will have access to my members only portal to show you ways to save up to an extra 30% on top of the 25% wholesale discount and I will show you how to even get your shipping reimbursed and how to get a free oil sent to you every month! Remember there is NO minimum order, NO commitment to buy or sell at any stage of your oily journey and you are never locked into anything, nothing to loose but so much to gain!

Are you ready to start LIVING the doTERRA way of life? Learn how to get your oils for the same price that I pay (Wholesale)


Not long after the oils come into your life you start to see the amazing results these oils can make to yours and your families health and wellbeing and then naturally you start to tell and share them your friends.

At this stage you are still learning all about the oils yourself and it is totally natural to feel that is hard to explain to others how they work and why they work. This is where the beauty of doTERRA and its gorgeous community come into play, you have a network of people who all want to help you share the oils and see you rise. Someone in the team will come to your home or a cafe if that suits you better, sit with you, your friends and family so they can have experiences with the oils first hand, smell them, taste them in yummy food and show them how to use them safely to support their individual needs.

Alternatively you can bring your friends along to one of the many public events that I run.

Anyone that you introduce to doTERRA is your enrollment and any order they place from enrollment going forward for the rest of their lives and will create you residual income that is yours to spend as you wish and will help you pay for your oils going forward.

Your tree of love will grow when people who join also invite their friends along to workshops and get their own oils. NOTE this is not a pyramid scheme there is never any pressure to share the oils or purchase minimum $ orders ever.

So many people are able to pay for their oils by simply holding a workshop in their own home for their friends and family. Check out the workshops that are on offer here to assist you in finding a workshop that fits well with you and your friends needs.


I will be honest with you, I never ever saw myself building a doTERRA business! I was already running a full time business with my husband FIFO and two kids with no family support on this side of the globe plus one child with special needs! Life was pretty full on when doTERRA came into my life.

I could not help but share the oils though and my love for them and then out of nowhere my husband lost his job. This changed everything, I was not earning enough to support my family however I knew my uplines were making decent money from building the business and so I thought well why not, I have nothing to loose and financial independence to gain.

So to explain 'building' the business is for those who are looking to supplement, replace or multiply their income. Watch the video below to see why I am building a financial abundant life and business.

What are the figures involved when building a doTERRA business?

The only outlay you have is the enrollment order, some people can start with as little as $35 and an empower kit to get started ($30) others invest in a kit to give them a few more oils to share with people. It really is flexible.

How much do you actually earn?

Check out the image below to give you the average earnings for the different ranks and the timeframes it takes people to achieve them

These figures are MONTHLY figures and there is no error in them. They are average figures and the earning potential of each rank actually increases way beyond these figures the longer you are in the rank.

It can take people a short amount of time to reach a rank or it can take people much longer that is the beauty of this business the more you put in at the front end the more financial rewards you reap.

Lets be honest here it is not a get rich quick scheme at all and it is not about recruiting others to do all the work for you. As a diamond leader I still run my own workshops, share samples and enroll personal enrollments each month to strengthen my business as I am still passionate about getting the oils into as many homes as I can across the globe.

What is the best part about building a doTERRA business?

I get to work alongside some amazing people and have totally found my tribe, people that understand why I am so passionate about healing my kids and with no judgement.

I get to expand my reach to teach others there is a way to improve their health and their children's health in the way I have detoxed our lives.

I get to work around the family and I am able to be there when they need me whether that is because they are sick, swimming carnival, getting an award at school or parent teacher interviews.

Travel - this is one of the best things about this business, I love to travel could be because my degree is in Travel and Tourism this year alone I have been to the Gold Coast, Perth, UK, USA, Canada and was awarded a place on a cruise of Alaska.

I get to take time off as and when it suits me and I can work from anywhere so even if we want to go down the coast for a weekend I can take my business with me.

I am studying my diploma in Kinesiology something I have wanted to do for years but not had the funds until this year to pursue it. I am loving that I am now an energy healer.

And finally the growth in myself is HUGE! I am now mentoring others in growing their dream business and creating themselves abundance. I am only able to do this because I have made so many positive changes in my life.

So is this business for anyone?

YES YES YES, anyone can do this business that is the real beauty, you do not need to have any special traits or qualities, sure if you are a whizz on social media it will help but it is certainly not a pre requisite. All you need is to have a passion to help others and to follow the steps we all follow which is prepare, invite, present, enrol and support.

Does this sound like something you are interested in doing? Growing your own doTERRA business?

Reach out and organise a business consultation where we can connect, and look at the options available for you