Nat Mardon

Jo introduced me to the oils 3.5 years ago and in that time my life has done a complete turnaround. I particularly love using the oils to support the emotional journey of self worth I have been on. As a mentor for my own doTERRA business, Jo has really helped me to believe in myself as a capable and inspiringleader and supported me to develop the skills I need to be the best version of myself I can. Jo has a loving and gentle spirit but will help to stretch you past where you are now. She goes above and beyond to celebrate me in times of advancement too. Thanks Jo for your leadership, your friendship and this journey we are on together. https://www.facebook.com/worthwellness/

Eshranie Toban

Tons of emotions came up for me after I left yesterday, the oils are amazingly effective. Pretty much all what you shared with the group when we did the exercise resonated with me & the relationship with my parents. It was as if I was transported back in time with the feelings of wanting to please, never good enough whatever I did, seeking their approval, felt like I've done wrong. It all came to the surface. Only realising I attracted this into my current relationship. It was a huge eye opener. I became verbally expressive of how I was made to feel, to stop imposing beliefs/thoughts onto me, trying to make me conform to their way of thinking etc etc....once I gave my mouthful, I felt very empowered, I even said, I am sick & tired of always keeping my mouth shut trying to keep peace... Thought I'd share with you my experience so far & how marvellous I feel since the emotional release. I've already recommended a couple of people to attend your workshop & directed a skeptic to your website. Our paths were meant to cross & I thank you sincerely for the work you share with the world ????????

Narelle Weir

I had the pleasure of meeting Jo a little over 4 years ago and we connected immediately over the passion for supporting our families as naturally as possible. Jo has given me invaluable guidance with using and integrating essential oils throughout the home to support my family both physically and emotionally. She has a wealth of knowledge in regards to using the oils for anything gut related aliments and issues. Over the past four years our relationship has grown into one of both friendship and mentorship. Jo now guides and coaches me through my own essential oil business and journey with passion and integrity. I am thankful to have met Jo and be part of her inspiring team

Susan Pini

I’ve always been passionate about alternative remedies this passion grew more when I became a Mother as my intuition just knew that Mother Nature held the key to support the whole body, the mind & the spirit. My journey through out Motherhood has been a blessing but also testing, I didn’t expect to feel depression or anxiety after giving birth. Then my son became unwell which was frightening as he was losing weight and having severe digestive issues. This was a time where I had to start searching for answers to find out what was going on and how I could help him. Coeliacs disease was the diagnosis. Now we had an answer it was time to heal my sons gut as his symptoms were limiting his health and happiness. Seeing your child sick & not them selves is scary. My son was riddled with anxiety, losing weight, feeling tired all the time, couldn’t focus in school, uncontrollable diarrhoea, loss of appetite & sensitivity to noise. Jo crossed paths with me 14 years ago. I know this was for many reasons, not just as a best friend but also a mentor and business partner. We became best of friends straight away and her unconditional love and support is still imprinted in my heart today. I needed help and Jo was my ally as she was going through a similar situation herself with her child. Jo followed her gut instinct to use alternative therapies for positive health changes “this is where her business name inspiration came from A Gut Instinct” If there’s one lady I can recommend for living a positive, natural & vibrant life it’s Jo Dissanyake These oils were introduced to Jo & myself nearly four years ago now. Jo shared a sample of Oregano oil with me for digestive support. That one oil was so beneficial using everyday of a nice tummy massage. I naturally wanted share this to help others. My passion of alternative therapies ignited more as I had the tools of essential oils. Plus DoTERRA have a business module to build a personalised wellness business. I now have the most amazing tribe of women around me, financial abundance, personal growth, but most importantly it’s the ripple effect or love and hope that I can share to the world. Doterra oils changed my families life & most definitely my life The emotional & physical support my son received plus the whole family was phenomenal, we had instant remedies for upset tummies, there was no more nasty toxic chemicals in the home as I replaced cleaning products with easy diy products using simple ingredients.